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Our tap list is ever-changing, and our beers reflect our staff, diverse and eclectic, drawing on old traditions, new techniques and hare brained schemes. Classic German lagers share space with West Coast IPAs, Belgian ales, British beers and whatever other deranged hybrids we can come up with. Our beers are part of an ongoing experiment in pursuit of perfection. Find us at our tasting room and around town


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Buffalo Craft Lager
4.8% ABV   23 IBU

A modern reinterpretation of our classic Sacramento brew, and an affirmation of our heritage as a world capital of brewing. This Helles style lager has the soft, full body that can only come from traditional floor malted barley, and a beautiful woody, floral aroma from a dose of Crystal.

An ideal beer for pairing, and an excellent accompaniment to New Station’s Spicy Salt Tofu

CA State Fair Gold Medal Winner 2015

Molly American Red Ale
5.2% ABV    23 IBU

This unique beer is the result of years of research and development, culminating in a light, full bodied beer with a deceptively complex flavor.  Made with  wheat for a soft mouth-feel. A hefty amount of crystal malts contribute a subtle sweetness and a mild, toasted flavor.  Pours a beautiful copper color.

Pairs well with Spice Kitchen’s Vegetable Donburi and the Falafel wrap from Fuzion Eatz.

Winner, 1st place Amador County fair (2014)


(916) Pale Ale
5.3% ABV   35 IBU

(916) is an Uber hopped American pale ale, made with 25 hop additions. Buckets of Centennial, Cascade, Citra, Fuggle and El Dorado went into this beer, a celebration of the hop growing prowess of the Sacramento region. This beer is aromatic and deeply hoppy without being too bitter.  Massive late hop additions create a beer that wallops you from a mile away with its intense hop aroma. Its nose is full of deep earthy spice notes, with overtones of pear and fresh stone fruit.

Excellent with Andy Nguyyen’s Ten Thousand Buddha’s Bistro Burger.


Thunderbeast IPA
7.2% ABV 75 IBU

Don’t let the pale color fool you, this classic West Coast India Pale Ale packs a big kick of hop aroma. The nose explodes in citrus and hints of pine from the positively outrageous amounts of hops added. The body of California grown malted barley provides a subtle sweetness and the copious amounts of rye add a spice that compliments this very hop-forward beer.

Pairs well with Taqueria Maya’s Chilaquiles and Chada Thai Kang Keaw Wan green curry.


Homeland Stout
5.5% ABV   45 IBU

Named after our historic neighborhood, this is our version of the classic Export style stout; Homeland Stout has a rich and full body, with a strong aroma of roasted barley, fresh baked bread and licorice that mingle with lots of coffee and cocoa notes. A dose of rye malt compliments the spice from the hefty dose of Sterling hops. The satisfying mouth-feel and clean finish make this beer full-flavored, yet eminently sessionable.

Pairs well with Kathmandu Kitchen’s Baigan Bharta.

1st place West Coast Brewfest (2013);  Gold , State Fair (2013);  Gold, LA International Beer Competition(2015 & 2016); Silver, LA International Beer Competition(2013), 3rd place Amador County Fair (2014)


 Homeland Coffee Stout
5.5% ABV 45 IBU

Our Homeland Stout brewed with over four pounds of Temple Coffee per barrel. This caffeinated brew has a thick, rich body, with the coffee complimenting the strong roasted barley and chocolate flavors of the beer, while the light floral overtones of the yeast, playfully set off the strong blueberry notes and subtle cinnamon aroma of the coffee. Please note that the coffee roaster is constantly in rotation to showcase Sacramento’s bustling craft coffee scene.


Mystery Airship: Imperial Chocolate Porter
8.3 % ABV 45 IBU

This double chocolate porter was brewed in collaboration with the premier local chocolatier Ginger Elizabeth, made to mimic the flavors of her Oaxacan hot chocolate. This strong, dark beer is spiced with cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla, Pasilla peppers, and fresh ginger, and then aged on cocoa nibs. The rich chocolate taste comes both from copious amounts of dark, roasted malts as well as the cocoa nibs, and the slight residual sweetness is balanced by the blend of spices, as well as the slight, earthy hop nose. The cinnamon and ginger show through, giving a complimentary fiery finish, making this a perfect winter beer.

GABF 2015 Experimental Beer Category, Gold Medal Winner


Rough and Ready Red IPA
7.7% ABV   75 IBU

A slightly more malt-forward version of the Thunderbeast, this beer still packs a ton of citrus and tropical fruits into the nose, but has a lightly sweet, malty backbone that provides a balanced drinking experience. Brewed with Falconer’s Flight hops, a portion of the sales of these hops go to the Glen Falconer Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to furthering the craft beer community by providing educational scholarships to brewers.

Pairs well with Queen Sheba’s Misr Kir Wot and Kathmandu Kitchen’s Navratan Korma.

1st place West Coast Brewfest (2013)


Indomitable City Double IPA
9%ABV   85 IBU

Be careful, this is a beer that fights back. Unlike some other popular hoppy beers I can name, we’ll keep on brewing this as long as you keep drinking it.  This face meltingly good IIPA keeps getting  awesomer (made up words are the only way to describe it.) A  light bodied malt bill gives a  splendiferous backdrop for the ginormous hop profile (lots of Galena and Centennial) which gives it a phantasmagorical aroma and magniflorious fruity taste. With a strong fruity nose and a sizable dose of hops this double IPA will give your taste buds a thrashing and leave them wanting more. Served only in a 10oz glass.


Thurston Adambier
11% ABV 35 IBU

Germany has always brewed; and before their lagers forever changed the way the world looked at beer, the German city of Dortmund was known for a strong, dark ale called Adambier, the progenitor beer. Brewed with copious amounts of dark malt and fermented at low temperatures for months, or even years. Adambier is a style that has been unjustly forgotten, and it has been a pleasure to reconstruct this historical beer. Ours is a deep, tawny color that’s boozy, with hints of vanilla. Gentle whisps of ripe plums and caramel meld with the deep undertones of chocolate and tobacco, with lush aromas of sherry and honey.

Gold Medal, GABF 2014, Historical Beer category!


 Last updated 11/3/2015