New Helvetia Brewing Company is pleased to announce the Grauler Club

GRAULER CLUB MEMBERS can chose 1/2 gallon or FULL gallon Graulers

GRAULER CLUB MEMBERS can chose 1/2 gallon or FULL gallon Graulers


New Helvetia Brewing Company started the mini-KEG Grauler Club in 2014 with the 64 oz. mini-Keg Grauler. This super cool and eye-catching growler was very popular and sold out, with many members already renewing their memberships and asking when we will launch our new Grauler Club. The answer is “now”. History lesson…the founder of Buffalo Brewing Co. in 1888 was a German brewer named Herman Grau. We assume you can make the connection from there.
In 2016, we are transitioning from the mini-KEG Grauler Club to simply THE GRAULER CLUB. The mini-KEG growler is being replaced by a sturdy, insulated, clamp top growler with various color, size and accessory options. But don’t worry, you can still use your mini-KEG Grauler formember fills.
The new GRAULER CLUB will feature the DRINKTANKS™ insulated growler. Color options include red and stainless steel, and size options are the Classic HALF GALLON (64 oz.) size you are all accustomed to, and the Juggernaut ONE GALLON (128 oz.). Yes, you read that correctly… a one gallon growler! Additionally, you can purchase an optional Keg Cap™ that allows you to charge the growler with CO2 and dispense your fresh craft beer, keeping oxygen out and CO2 in.
64 oz. Classic DRINKTANKS Grauler Club $650.00 [52 fills]
128 oz. Juggernaut DRINKTANKS Grauler Club $700.00 [26 fills]
  • Exclusive Grauler Club members only fills
  • Access to new beer releases before the general public
  • Apply pint fills in the Tasting Room to your member account
  • Color options: Red or Stainless Steel with New Helvetia logo
  • Comes with a standard airtight, clamp down lid & sturdy handle
  • Keeps beer cold for 24 hours. Airtight lid keeps carbonated until opened
  • Non-breakable, BPA free, dishwasher safe, lifetime warranty


  • KEG CAP accessory kit includes cap, dispenser hose & spout, CO2 injector & two (2) CO2 cartridges. $45.00 additional
  • 6 Pack CO2 cartridges. $16.50 additional


Plus sales tax where applicable
Email: info(at)newhelvetiabrew(dot)com with “GRAULER CLUB” in subject line and we will send a membership order form. Taking pre-orders now. The manufacturer ships growlers approximately 2 to 4 weeks after a minimum order is placed.

***While supplies last