Growler Fills

At New Helvetia we gladly fill other brewery’s growlers with our beer. So long as the container is
clean and beer safe

Below are examples of what counts as a growler, for our purposes.

You bought this here, of course we’ll fill it. If you bought a membership into our Growler Club, we’ll fill this with our most special beers!

A nice, clean, beer safe growler. Give us a minute to obscure the labels and we’ll fill this with beer for you.

Swing top or screw top, it doesn’t matter to us.

I don’t care what other breweries do, no matter how big they are, a mason jar is a bad way to transport beer. The clear glass allows it to spoil quickly, and the seal is leaky. Trust us, you don’t want this full of beer.

You’re not even trying now, are you. Of course we aren’t going to fill that.

No. Just no.