Our Vision

Why we do what we do.

The Catalyst
After researching the historic Buffalo Brewing Company in Sacramento, the thought occurred “Wouldn’t it be great if somebody brought back Buffalo Beer?” That idea quickly transformed into “Wouldn’t it be great if WE brought back Buffalo Beer?” Several years of additional research, planning, soul searching, financing and construction have culminated in the creation of New Helvetia Brewing Company, Inc. with the stated mission to “Bring Back Buffalo Beer.”


What’s Notable?
Being a brewery smack dab on the border of multiple neighborhoods (the heart of Broadway, hugging Land Park, and just an earshot away from Midtown), we take a community-spirit approach.

♦We are a dog-friendly, and family-friendly establishment.

♦When we aren’t hosting for local food trucks, we encourage patrons to support the local cuisine which the brewery is surrounded by.

♦We source locally whenever possible; our hops are from local farms, much of our malt and yeast from California, and our adjuncts are typically sourced by local craftspeople (honey from Sac Beekeeping, chocolate from Ginger Elizabeth Chocolatier, fruit from the brewers backyard).

♦We collaborate. Whether it be our Bright Underbelly IPA collaboration with local mural artists, with notable home brewers on our Imperial porter, or with other local breweries, we are always down to put our brains together to make something awesome.


What We Foresee
We are all up in Sacramento’s business.  Located in a historic building, paying homage to a Sacramento historic brewery, doing things locally and neighborly, and a bunch of Kings & Sac Republic FC fans; we want to be Sacramento’s brewery.  We want to be that-place-people-go in Sac while serving you truly quality beers in a friendly and relaxing environment. We hope to see expansion in production, tasting room expansion, and look forward to continuing to promote our love for this kick-ass community .