The Team

The brains and brawn behind the beer

Dave Gull, Founder


Dave is a 4th generation Sacramento resident, beer history geek, proud Oregon Duck, and Little League coach. With the support of family and friends, Dave assembled the pieces necessary to construct a fantastic brewery in the spirit of local, quality craft alongside Brewmaster Brian.

Brewmaster Brian


Brian Cofresi is an award winning professional brewer and educator with more than 20 years of brewing experience. Brian earned his diploma in Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering from the American Brewers Guild (Spring Class 1996 with Dr. Michael Lewis). He then spent many years working reputable breweries such as River City Brewery, and left in 2011 to become our head beer chef.

Owen Largent, GM


Owen has been with the brewery since it was a twinkle in Dave’s eye. Committed to excellence and originality, Owen goes above title of General Manager with sincere craft quality control and genuine care for the brewery & tasting room.

F. Iver Johnson, Brewer


Iver, beer connoisseur & professional dancer, is our newest team member to join our brewing staff. Incredibly innovative and talented, Iver is bringing an Artistic spirit to the brewery.

Nick Kvaal, Sales

Head of sales and distribution, Nick slings beer like none other. Our beloved boisterous Nick slung so much beer, in fact, that when he started working for New Helvetia, we immediately had to increase our brewing hours & output to keep up with the demand. He knows beer.

Tasting Room Staff

Last, but not least, our Beertenders.  The faces of New Helvetia; the community greeters; the folks who keep you coming back.  Counter to the “beer snob” stereotype, our Beertenders are genuinely personable and knowledgeable people.  With extracurricular talents ranging from branding genius to the creative arts, our staff is not only well-informed pourers, but are also well-rounded people, which is appropriate of the spirit of our company!


The staff, after a successful St. Baldrick's fundraiser
The intrepid brewer, harvesting hops
Tasting room staff, hard at work
The staff can get a little geeky at times